Cranial Nerve Disorders

Cranial Nerve Disorders

Cranial Nerve Disorder is a term used to describe an impairment of one of the twelve cranial nerves that can contribute to various disabling conditions. It is possible to have a disorder affect more than one cranial nerve at a time. Conditions and symptoms vary depending on which nerve is affected. Common types of nerve orders treated are:


Symptoms of cranial nerve disorders can be very painful, such as sudden and extreme pain in the facial area which is associated with Trigeminal Neuralgia, unexplained eye motions or types of paralysis such as Bell's Palsy.


Diagnosis of cranial nerve disorders require intensive investigation to determine what nerves are affected and the best treatment path. Tests are required to measure the nerve response of the patient. Diagnosis of cranial nerve disorders should be done by an expert in the field and our multispecialty team at SCCNS have years of experience with cranial nerve disorders.

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