Movement Disorders

Movement Disorders

There are various types of movement disorders, all of which can be debilitating and/or disrupt ones everyday life. Movement disorders are neurological conditions that cause a person to have abnormal voluntary or involuntary movements, or slow reduced movements. These disorders can be very frightening for the patient. Our team of experts at SCCNS provides the care and compassion necessary to help the patient and their families cope with the changes that are evident with movement disorders. The most common conditions are:


Symptoms of movement disorders vary depending on what type of movement order the patient has. Unlike other movement disorders such as Parkinson's, a functional movement disorder is not caused by damage or disease of the nervous system. It is due to a reversible problem having to do with the way the nervous system is working. Functional movement disorders may get better or disappear over time. Some symptoms associated with these types of movement disorders may include:

  • Tremors – when an arm or leg shakes uncontrollably.
  • Jerks/Twitches – some people experience jerky type movements. This may be particularly evident in response to loud noises, certain types of lighting or sudden pain.
  • Spasms / Contractures – some people find that their hands or feet develop normal postures that are hard to overcome. This may be a temporary problem or it may be chronic
  • Gait problems – Various gait (walking) problems can occur as part of a functional movement disorder.

Movement disorders such as Parkinson's have other symptoms such as slow movement, poor balance, tremors, rigid muscles, loss of automatic movements, changes in speech, dementia in later stages.


Diagnosis is done based on the symptoms of the patient as well as physical evaluations to rule out other conditions with similar symptoms. Because many movement disorders are missed diagnosed, it usually takes a neurological expert trained in movement disorders to correctly diagnosis and treat the condition. SCCNS is proud to have experts on staff that deal with movement disorders and have successfully treated numerous patients this various movement conditions.

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