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  • SCCNS - "EEA, Gamma Knife, SI Joint Dysfunction and SCCNS overview," CATV as featured on KCAL 9, April 2012 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LLK1-5NsoGM
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  • Peer Reviewed Publications

    || 22-Jan-2012

    Lipson AC, Mesiwala AH, Gabikian P, Nair N, Silbergeld DL. Metastatic melanoma with dural involvement: case report and review of the literature. . Mesiwala AH, Newell DW. Reconstruction of the occipito-cervical musculature using titanium mesh: technical note. Mesiwala AH, Rostomily RC, Ojemann GA, Silbergeld DL. x Mesiwala AH, Dailey AT. Successful closed reduction of traumatic cervical disk ...
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