Patient Services

Patient Services


With so many uncertainties surrounding health care today, patients deserve high quality medical care they can trust. The Southern California Center for Neuroscience and Spine (SCCNS) is proud to be Southern California’s preferred provider by delivering world class academic quality medicine within a compassionate community setting. By having offices located throughout Southern California, patients have convenient access to comprehensive and innovative treatments for a variety of conditions affecting the brain, spine, and peripheral nerves.

Because SCCNS provides service to multiple medical groups as well as having credentials at a multitude of hospitals in Southern California, our patients will not experience restricted access to the care they need, nor will our center be affected by the financial risks associated with being confined to one physician's organization.

SCCNS accepts most major insurance plans as well as workers compensation for both employees as well as being the preferred contracted workers compensation specialty health care provider for corporation in Southern California. For more information on how SCCNS can help with corporate compensation plans, please contact our office.

Patient Education

One of the most critical components to SCCNS’ success story is our dedication to educating our patients. Out talented team remains committed to helping patients understand their medical condition, navigate through complex medical situations, understanding and selecting the best treatment available. By working together to coordinate an effective treatment plan, patients are more likely to comply with the treatment and enhance their chance for a successful outcome. We believe that providing patients with the information they need enhances our medical services and less time is spent with unnecessary phone calls and visits. Our patient’s satisfaction is important to us and through patient education and by providing complete information, our patients understand the realistic expectations of any treatments and outcomes. Our Center has created a unique environment where outstanding and compassionate medical care goes hand in hand.

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