• Patient testimonial from Jim Davis

    Hello, my name is Jim Davis, and I used to be a fat slob. Four years ago, I weighed well over 300 lbs., was "pre-diabetic", on blood pressure and cholesterol medications, and pretty much a couch potato. I was on a cane all the time, in excruciating pain any time I stood, and getting more and more depressed. So I ate. It didn't help that I loved to cook and eat fancy foods.

    Of course, I had excuses. I had a slowly deteriorating spine, and falls due to losing control of my legs had landed me in the hospital twice to reattach a biceps tendon and my entire quadriceps muscle, which had come off at the kneecap. Nonetheless, I was a mess. I couldn't get up off the ground without help. I was going to be in a wheelchair in a very few months. Finally, in 2007, thanks to Dr. Mesiwala, I had the back surgery that literally changed my life. Three artificial discs, a titanium cage and two nerve transplants later, I was learning to walk again. I was out of constant pain for the first time in 15 years. After eleven months of physical therapy, Dr. Mesiwala pronounced me "healed" and told me I could get back in the gym.

    In 2008 I was 283 pounds when I started back to the gym. In March of 2009, when I made my first trip to the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, I was down to 226 – lighter than I'd been since my wedding in 1982.

    From being wheel chair bound to a complete transformation in just 7 months!!

    I'll be the first to admit I went a little crazy with it, and pursued a diet and exercise program far more rigorous than most people would be willing to endure. It was such a joy to be able to move without pain, I didn't want to stop. I kept going. I entered a company-run contest to see how much muscle I could put on, I put on 25 lbs. in 14 weeks, 20 of which was lean muscle. And I still didn't stop… I kept going, and improving, and decided to enter a Master's bodybuilding competition in 2010. On July 24, I entered the Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships, both the Masters Class and the Novice Heavyweights. I didn't win, but I came in 4 th in the over 50s, and 5 th in the Novice Heavies, and came home with two trophies that are built a whole lot better than I was. Three years to the week after my back surgery, I walked on stage at 206 lbs., and 7% bodyfat – lower than I'd ever been!

    It didn't end there… I entered the Kentucky Muscle Classic and the Fankhouser Classic in West Virginia in November 2010.

    It's a journey I wouldn't trade for the world, and bless every day that I've been able to make it. It's not over, either. I'm still working out and going strong at 57! Thanks to Dr. Mesiwala and his team, miracles do happen and I'm living proof

    - Jim Davis
  • Patient testimonial from Laura Cannon Manager - Mathis Bros. Furniture

    I started out with pain in my hips and down my leg over 3 years ago. It felt like bone was scraping on bone. I had an MRI and bone density tests. They found compression fractures and some bulging discs. Since we assumed this was the cause of the pain I started seeing a pain specialist. I received injections in my back and in the SI joints over about 2 years. it helped with the pain but it got to the point where the injections were no longer helping the pain.

    I was to the point with the pain that I could not walk to the back of a grocery store without stopping 2-3 times to rest. I was sleeping about 2 hours at a time and would wake my husband up because the pain would cause me to cry out. Because I walk a lot at work, I manage the Mathis Brothers Furniture store in Ontario, I was to the point where I felt I would need a wheelchair to continue working. It felt like I had broken hips.

    I saw an orthopedic surgeon who said the compression fractures were causing the pain and he could only suggest a very complex and risky surgery. He said he did not recommend it for my age. I am 57.

    My daughter is an RN at St. Bernadine's and works on an orthopedic floor. She asked me to please go see Dr. Mesiwala because she had taken care of his back patients who were very happy with his work. I had given up any hope but went to him.

    He listened to what I had done to help with the pain and then showed me a picture of a person with red spots on the back and down the leg. I was shocked and told him that's where it hurts. He said he thought it was my SI joints.He looked at the MRI and showed me where the wear and tear on those joints was pretty bad. He explained the surgical treatment he recommended, bi-lateral sacroiliac joint fusion. I left that visit and researched it on line while they contacted my insurance. I found that this is a fairly new surgery and has been very successful but there were not a lot of Dr.s that knew about it or many doctors qualified to perform it. Fortunately, I found one of those doctors.

    I had the surgery Nov. 2011. I went home the next day. Since I had both hips done at the same time, I used a walker for the first 2 weeks. I won't lie, the first week was painful. The second week, not so bad. I then used a cane for 2 weeks and at the end of 4 weeks I was sleeping through the night and anxious to go back to work. I followed directions and waited the full 8 weeks before going back to work. I was ready and pain free. What a change!!!

    As I write this, the surgery was 10 months ago and I am sleeping, sitting, walking, dancing and laughing again without pain or pain pills. I am back riding our Harley with my husband, enjoying my job and able to take on Disneyland with my grandkids. If you think I am unusual, I am not. I am a middle aged, over weight woman with osteoporosis and osteoarthritis. This sounds like some kind of made up miracle but it is not made up, it is my miracle. Thank you. I hope anything I have experienced will help other people with the same problems.

    - Laura Cannon
  • Patient testimonial from Ofelia Margolis

    My name is Ofelia Margolis, 61 years of age and have been living in Chino Hilss for the last 24 years. I am a Registered Nurse practicing for 42 years and currently employed at Chino Valley Medical Center and have been working in the operating room (OR) there for the past 23 years.

    I have suffered back pain since my early twenties. The symptoms gradually increased over the years. I experienced numbness & tingling sensations on both legs besides back and leg pain. The pain became so severe I couldn't walk 20 steps before I had to stop.

    My friend had recommended Dr. Mesiwala and I went to see him for a consultation. Due to the severity of my condition, I was immediately scheduled for surgery. I had a three level fusion on my lower back and was doing very well with my recovery. Six months post I started having pain on my right hip extending to my right knee. I went through physical therapy for three months but the pain persisted. I was diagnosed with a right sacroiliac instability which was confirmed after a sacroiliac joint injection.

    Dr. Mesiwala told me about a new procedure which would help my condition. This procedure was the sacroiliac joint fusion. I had the surgery on December 23, 2011 and I am very happy that I did! I'm now recuperating with very little pain and can.

    For those who suffer with this condition, I highly recommend this procedure. Now I can look forward to living a normal life again. Thank you Dr. Mesiwala!!

    - Ofelia Margolis
  • Patient testimonial from Paul L. Bigby, II

    I was a locomotive engineer for Southern Pacific Transportation company. I suffered a serious back injury in 1998. I was told by doctors and surgeons that I had a 50/50 chance of walking, if I opted for the surgery then. The injury was located at L5 - S1, the lower back. Not liking the odds, I refrained from having the surgery, hoping for a better procedure that would allow me to walk. I endured pain and numbness from 1998 to 2011. I was taking so many drugs, I was practically in a stupor, just to handle daily chores like cooking, cleaning, walking.

    I heard about SCCNS from a great NP in Chino. I made an appointment to interview him. I took one of my sisters with me, so as to get all matters pertaining to my condition after the surgery covered. We asked every question that came to mind : What is the procedure? What does the surgery entail? How long would I be laid up? Would I be able to walk & experience less pain than I was handling, prior to the surgery.

    Dr. Ty is one of the best medical Doctors I have had the fortune of meeting! He explained the procedure : A. L. I. F. ( Anterior Lumbar Interbody Fusion ) He went through the process, step by step. He asked me whether I understood his explanation. He used simple terms, that provided all the information at a level that was comprehensible, yet, all- inclusive. His most important statement was this : " If you follow my instructions and do exactly what I inform you to do, I guarantee you'll be walking in 6 months. " No other doctor made that bold of statement. I was not convinced, just because he said it ! I asked him how could he make such a statement, when others told me I had a 50/50 chance of walking. He was so confident with his procedure. He dissected the procedure point by point. He reiterated: do as I instruct you & you will be walking.

    I got into more conversation with him, as did my sister. We talked for quite a long time. he told us that he would stay with us as long as it was necessary, to insure we understood all there was to know about the surgery. We conversed further about some of his recent work, involving a new procedure. He reminded me of another person (me) who loves what he does. He got so energized during the discussion, that I became very comfortable talking WITH him. I know what it feels like to do something you love. It's not a job. It's a part of ones life. Within a week I had made the decision to have the surgery.

    I am happy to relay this : I followed Dr. Ty's instructions precisely how he laid them out. I am walking, able to stand, sit, garden with virtually no pain. I enjoy chopping wood to keep in shape & to keep from knocking the mess out of some people who desperately deserve it ! By the end of August, I am hopeful that I will be able to perform this task without restrictions ! For me, the procedure, A. L. I. F., gave me just that: A LIFE ! I endorse this man with my life, because he gave me one!

    - Paul L. Bigby, II
  • Patient testimonial from Ron Wilson

    This was my very first surgery ever and it was handled so expertly that I am still overwhelmed. Dr. Jeffrey Schweitzer was my doctor and all good fortune matched him up to me.

    During the course of your life there are only a few very, very important events that happen to you – I consider surgery to be one of those events. Needless to say – the doctor must be the very best that you can find.

    From the very first consultation visit and on through the surgery and right into my post-op visits, this surgeon was totally professional, informative and empathetic to my condition.

    When he arrived the day of the surgery he was so cheerful that I became cheerful as well – which I wasn't expecting, since I was getting ready for my first surgery and had been totally nervous. Dr. Schweitzer stayed by my side all the way down the hallway to the operating room. He explained everything that he was going to do step-by-step on my micro-discectomy and introduced me to all of the people that would be assisting him. When the surgery was over, he came out and went over the results with my wife (while I snoozed in recovery). I'm still so surprised that there has been hardly any pain.

    There were absolutely no surprises throughout my entire experience. I am so eternally grateful for having Dr. Schweitzer as my doctor on my very first surgical experience!

    - Ron Wilson

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