Cavernous Malformation of the Brain

Cavernous Malformation of the Brain

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Many people can go their entire lives living with a cavernous malformation and not know it or have no symptoms. In asymptomatic patients the malformation may be incidentally discovered. In these types of cases monitoring may be the only treatment necessary with MRI scans being performed annually for two years and then every five years there after. Some people may be prescribed anti-convulsant medications.

For patients with symptomatic malformations surgery may be considered, however there are many factors when considering surgery. Any surgery of this type should be performed by a experienced neurosurgeon. Your neurosurgeon will evaluate each case on an individual basis and determine whether or not symptoms or seizures can be controlled through medication; if the malformation is in a low risk, easily accessible area of the brain and it has been determined that the lesion is causing the seizures. Other considerations are whether or not the surgery itself will cause neurological deficits, number of malformations, severity and recurrence of cavernous malformation symptoms, etc.

Our experts at SCCNS will help each individual understand their condition and will assist is helping then choose the treatment course that will best benefit them.

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