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The treatment of Epilepsy will depend on what type of seizures you have, the type of Epilepsy and the severity as treatments for one type of seizure may have no effect on other kinds. There are different variables in the best treatment course such as patients age, overall health, lifestyle, etc. Epilepsy is usually treated with medications as the first approach. These medications do not cure Epilepsy but they can help prevent the seizures.

Epilepsy can be treated by your primary care physician however usually it is treated by a neurologist or a neurosurgeon depending on the severity. Accurate differentiation between generalized and partial seizures is important in determining the appropriate treatment.

If medications do not help control seizures, the implantation of a vagus nerve stimulator or Deep Brain Stimulation may be considered as an option. This option should be performed by and experience neurosurgeon. SCCNS has an expert on staff able to assist you if this is found to be the best option. In addition to vagus nerve stimulation, a neurosurgical operation for people with focal seizures that do not respond to conservative treatment or medication can be palliative and can reduce the frequency or severity of seizures; or, in some patients and operation can be curative. These treatment options should be discussed with your physician.

All adolescent and adult patients are evaluated on a case by case basis. Although we generally we do not see pediatric epileptic patients, if needed we can help you find a pediatric specialist in your area.

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