Subdural Hematoma

Subdural Hematoma

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Treatment of a subdural hematoma will depend on the severity. Treatment can range from monitoring to necessary brain surgery. In small subdural hematomas no treatment may be necessary other than careful observation. It may be necessary to follow up with CT scans over a period of time to ensure that the subdural hematoma is improving. More severe subdural hematomas will require surgery to reduce the pressure on the brain. There are a few different surgical techniques that your surgeon may use to treat a subdural hematoma.

  • Burr hole drainage – a hold is drilled in the area over the subdural hematoma and the blood is suctioned out through the hole.
  • Craniotomy – a larger section of the skull is removed to gain access to the subdural hematoma and relieve pressure. After the subdural hematoma is drained, the section of the skull is replaced.
  • Craniectomy – although not usually used to treat a subdural hematoma, this method is when a portion of the skull is removed to a period of time to allow the brain to expand without further damage to the brain.

The experts at SCCNS are very experienced in the treatment of subdural hematomas that have occurred due to injury or other illnesses. They can guide and educate a patient and their family in order to understand all necessary treatment.

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