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  • Dr. Mesiwala performed a disc replacement surgery at L5 - S1 the results have been remarkable. I have full range of motion pain free for most part take Naproxen 550mg 2x daily as needed. I am subject to how much weight I can lift so pretty limited in my types of work. Nonetheless a grateful patient who no longer has chronic pain for nearly 25 years.

    - Michael B.

  • Hello, my name is Jim Davis, and I used to be a fat slob. Four years ago, I weighed well over 300 lbs., was "pre-diabetic", on blood pressure and cholesterol medications, and pretty much a couch potato. I was on a cane all the time, in excruciating pain any time I stood, and getting more and more depressed. So I ate. It didn't help that I loved to cook and eat fancy foods.

    Of course, I had excuses. I had a slowly deteriorating spine, and falls due to losing control of my legs had landed me in the hospital twice to reattach a biceps tendon and my entire quadriceps muscle, which had come off at the kneecap. Nonetheless, I was a mess. I couldn't get up off the ground without help. I was going to be in a wheelchair in a very few months. Finally, in 2007, thanks to Dr. Mesiwala, I had the back surgery that literally changed my life. Three artificial discs, a titanium cage and two nerve transplants later, I was learning to walk again. I was out of constant pain for the first time in 15 years. After eleven months of physical therapy, Dr. Mesiwala pronounced me "healed" and told me I could get back in the gym.

    In 2008 I was 283 pounds when I started back to the gym. In March of 2009, when I made my first trip to the Arnold Fitness Expo in Columbus, I was down to 226 – lighter than I'd been since my wedding in 1982.

    From being wheel chair bound to a complete transformation in just 7 months!!

    I'll be the first to admit I went a little crazy with it, and pursued a diet and exercise program far more rigorous than most people would be willing to endure. It was such a joy to be able to move without pain, I didn't want to stop. I kept going. I entered a company-run contest to see how much muscle I could put on, I put on 25 lbs. in 14 weeks, 20 of which was lean muscle. And I still didn't stop… I kept going, and improving, and decided to enter a Master's bodybuilding competition in 2010. On July 24, I entered the Los Angeles Bodybuilding Championships, both the Masters Class and the Novice Heavyweights. I didn't win, but I came in 4 th in the over 50s, and 5 th in the Novice Heavies, and came home with two trophies that are built a whole lot better than I was. Three years to the week after my back surgery, I walked on stage at 206 lbs., and 7% bodyfat – lower than I'd ever been!

    It didn't end there… I entered the Kentucky Muscle Classic and the Fankhouser Classic in West Virginia in November 2010.

    It's a journey I wouldn't trade for the world, and bless every day that I've been able to make it. It's not over, either. I'm still working out and going strong at 57! Thanks to Dr. Mesiwala and his team, miracles do happen and I'm living proof

    - Jim Davis

  • The best neuro surgeon and medical staff in the area. It's a long wait to get an appointment as he's always busy. But, once you're in, they all deliver the best of care. I wouldn't trust anyone else or any other treatment team.

    - Kelly H.