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Cervical Compression Fractures

Most compression fractures can be treated without surgery with the help of pain medication, modified activity and use of brace. Although we know wearing a brace may not be comfortable or aesthetically pleasing to look at, they do help immobilize the area of the spine affected which will ease the pain.

Surgical assistance may be indicated for some compression fractures. At SCCNS we discuss each surgical option with our patients and educate them as to what surgery entails and discuss whether or not surgery is the best option for treatment. Surgery options may include:

  • Balloon Kyphoplasty: A large needle is inserted into the compressed vertebra. A balloon is inserted into the bone through the needle and inflated, restoring the height of the vertebra. Cement is injected into this space to make sure it does not collapse again.
  • Vertebroplasty: This is a similar procedure in which cement is injected into the bone of the vertebra.

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