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SI Joint Disruption / Degenerative Sacroiliitis

The initial treatment of SI Joint Disruption / Degenerative Sacroiliitis usually includes the use of ice (cold packs) to reduce inflammation. This treatment may be used from two days to two weeks. Treatment may also include over the counter pain medications as well as anti-inflammatory medications to reduce the swelling in the area that usually contributes to the pain. Occasionally, depending on the severity of the condition, manual manipulation by a chiropractor may be helpful if the joint is fixated or stuck but may be more irritating if the joint is hypermobile (too loose). Other treatments may include supports and braces if the joint is hypermobile as this can help stabilize the joint if it is inflamed or painful.

Before surgery is considered, physical therapy will be attempted in order to strengthen the muscles around the SI Joint and increase the range of motion. Low impact aerobic exercise may also increase the blood flow to the area which will stimulate healing. Because of our multidisciplinary approach, along with physical therapy, one of our pain management experts may also suggest an SI Joint injection in order to determine whether the sacroiliac joint is the actual cause of the patient's pain. These injections are the gold standard in diagnosing SI Joint Conditions and are useful in providing immediate relief of pain.

If all conservative methods fail to reduce the pain and symptoms of SI Joint pain, surgery may be a beneficial option. At SCCNS, we use the most minimally invasive SI Joint surgery currently available. The FDA approved iFuse System® used by SCCNS is designed to provide fusion for the sacroiliac joint. This is accomplished by inserting small titanium implants across the sacroiliac joint to maximize post-surgical stability and weight bearing capacity. Our partnership with SI Bone allows us to be at the forefront of this minimally invasive surgery. This highly advanced technique allows for fewer complications, smaller incision than traditional SI Joint fusion surgeries, minimal blood loss, decreased operation time and reduced risk of infection. The SCCNS is one of the very few places in Southern California trained and approved to perform this procedure.

**SCCNS in conjunction with SI Bone is now conducting a study to be able to help publish research data and success rates of patients. Please contact Nichole Martinez at SCCNS to see if you may qualify. You can read more about this study at or at

Please see the link below for surgery videos and FAQ:

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